Quality and environmental policy

Quality and environmental policy of Rubber-Mixing Ltd.

Rubber-Mixing Ltd. has one of the most innovative and up-to-date technology of technical rubber manufacturing in Central and Eastern European region.

The company’s main goal is to produce world-class and high quality rubber compounds. The company's management has committed itself to quality and environment-focused management systems in accordance with MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015 and MSZ EN ISO 14001: 2015, so Rubber-Mixing Ltd. earned its reputation in the rubber mixing industry with its quality and environmentally conscious work with precise and on time delivery.

Considering the expectation of our valued customers, the owners and the management team – according to the legal regulations – the main principle of Rubber-Mixing Ltd. is:

To maintain and continuously increase our customers' satisfaction, trust and confidence with high quality and environmentally focused operation.

As an important base of producing high quality products, we appreciate the active participation of highly qualified employees, whom satisfied with their work and working conditions.

Rubber-Mixing Ltd. assumes responsibility for an environmental condition related to its artificiality. Its environmentally conscious behavior contributes to an improvement in the state of the environment, whereby:

  • Activities are perform in the light of environmental protection considerations and in full compliance with environmental regulations
  • The Company strives for the prevention of pollution and reasonable management of natural resources
  • Effects of its operation on the environment are constantly monitored and improved,
  • Constantly reduce the amount of occured waste needed to achieve the required quality and environmental performance,
  • Minimizes waste generation and pays special attention to the resulting hazardous waste for proper disposal
  • We are committed to prevention of the generation of wastes, application of low waste technologies, waste minimization, reuse and recycling against landfills.
  • Reduces the risk of pollution during operation, the air pollution caused by its vehicles and the noise load caused by on-site activity
  • In its office space, the Company takes great care of energy saving and takes care of the environmentally conscious selection of office equipment, office supplies and establish necessary conditions for the creation of a demanding work environment.
  • Regular and further trainings for all colleagues with the implementation of environmental policy and also of information and tasks related to the integrated management system.
  • The Company upgrade the technology used taking into account environmental considerations
  • Operations by Rubber-Mixing Ltd. complying with applicable domestic and EU environmental legislation.
  • In addition to environmentally-conscious operation, the company's business partners are also encouraged to behave in an environmentally conscious manner. Accordingly:
    • Also expects its suppliers to behave in an environmentally conscious way, so prefer suppliers or organizations that operate quality or environmental management systems or equivalent organizations who provide the same quality products and services.
    • For waste management Rubber- Mixing Ltd. only contact with companies who have an appropriate environmental permit for transport, treatment and disposal.

 Furthermore, our goal is also to improve our quality and environment-oriented system to strengthen our market position and competitiveness.

In order to achieve that particular aim, the Management set itself a task as guarantee constant modernization of production conditions and safe working environment with continuous development.

We clearly articulate duties and responsibilities to all our employees, we expect a committed attitude towards quality and environmentally conscious operation and an active participation in the implementation of quality and environmental policy.

To achieve the goals, Rubber-Mixing Ltd.:

  • Develops technology taking into account the development trends of the rubber manufacturing industry.
  • Apply environmentally friendly procedures while introducing new technologies or installating new equipments by taking into account the expected lifetime and the foreseeable environmental impact of the best available technology and life cycle.
  • Operational and strategic decisions are determined regarding to quality and environmental policy.
  • Introduced management systems according to MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015 and MSZ EN ISO 14001: 2015.
  • Working in close collaboration with the authorities.
  • Improving quality and environmental awareness constantly enhance the company's competitiveness.

The management of Rubber-Mixing Ltd. commits itself along the goals for the comprehensive and continuous development of operation.

  1. January 2018